VR Art Gallery Software (VRZone)

Laila Gamaleldin, April 2021


VRZone is a virtual reality application that allows users to create immersive art showcases, virtual museum tours, and showcases. VRZone exhibitions can be accessed on an Oculus Quest headset, or through PC or Mac. Experiences are immersive and collaborative. Galleries can feature both 2D and 3D art. There are public galleries that users can visit for free or one can buy tickets to the more complex exhibitions on the application through the app's website. Users can create their own galleries for free or for a fee depending on the complexity of the project. Galleries are fully customizable but users have to fill out a form on the website, describe their needs, and wait to hear back before being able to launch into gallery creation.

Installation Instructions (for Quest)

1) Install Sidequest using the instructions found here

2) Connect your headset and desktop computer

3) Search 'VRZone' on SideQuest and click 'Install to Headset'

4) On your headset, navigate to your apps. Go under 'unknown developer' and VRZone should be there, ready to launch!

Official Resources

VRZone Website

VRZone YouTube Channel

SideQuest Page

App Trailer