Features and Tutorial ChimeraxVR


Download p97 drug binding Dataset-

  1. Download p97.zip dataset from this link

  2. Extract the content of p97.zip and locate the file "p97_drug.cxs"

  3. In ChimeraxVR desktop version, select File -> Open and select "p97_drug.csx" file.

  4. For instructions of how to launch in VR , refer to installations.

  1. Once you have entered VR mode, you will see the p97 atomic model in Virtual Reality as below-

2. Get acquainted with hand controllers-

3. Home menu-

It can be found of top left in desktop version or in top left by clicking Y button in Virtual reality

See detailed description of each features of home toolbar here

4. For multiple features such as display or hide atoms, cartoons, changing styles such as plain, stick, sphere, Ball sphere, etc. and coloring chains in the molecules can be found in this section. See detailed description here

5. You can also find various graphic options such as changing background colors, lights, effects and viweing different camera options. See detailed description here

6. Volume Rendering using maps-

For volume viweing, choose Map. You can select the model from Model Panel. More instructions can be found here.

7. Medical Image data viewing options-

It allows to import files, style, color and have chest CT, brain CT for preset for image display. More details can be found here.

For other marker, distance between link, etc. additional features, refer here.