VR Sketch Controls

By Shashidhar Pai


GRIP: Scale , Rotate and Move

  • Scale: Press grip on both controllers and pinch or stretch to scale the model. Scale ratio is displayed with haptic feedback at every preset settings.

  • Move: Press grip on either one controller to move in the model.

  • Rotate: Intuitive, press grip on both controllers and pivot one had to rotate.

Button A/X - Tools

Choosing a tool: To choose a tool, hold in the ⋮ tools button, a list of tools will appear in front of the controller, move the controller to the tool you would like to use. Release the ⋮ tools button while you are over the tool to select it.

Each controller can have Different tools at the same time.

  • Teleport tool

    • Pull in the trigger to aim where you would like to teleport to. "Careful with the trigger!"

    • Release the trigger to teleport to your selected position.

    • If the pointer is blue you can teleport, if the pointer is pink you cannot teleport.

    • When you teleport the scale is always changed to 1:1.

  • Zoom and Pan

    • Zoom with both controllers. Press in the ↔ grip button on both controllers at the same time, then move the controllers away from each other to zoom in or towards each other to zoom out.

    • Pan. Press in the ↔ grip button on one controller and move the controller. The model will move with the controller until you release the ↔ grip button.

  • Laser-select tool

    • The tool to select individual or multiple faces or groups from a distance.

    • Aim the laser at the geometry you wish to select, click with the trigger to add it to your selection. If that geometry is already selected it will deselect it.

  • Paint tool

    • With a material selected aim the laser at the face you wish to paint and click with the trigger.

Button B/Y

  • Mute if Echo

  • Opens sub settings for each tool selected, for instants. If in teleport mode(you can press b, click on scene and go to a selected Scene)


  • Based on tool selected performs different operations

  • Teleport: Use the trigger on the left controller to teleport into the model! Best when you scale the model to near 1:1 Scale. When you want to investigate an area or street. "Careful with the trigger!", you can find yourself lost or into a building. Please use scale to make the model small and find footing.

  • Notes: Draw or write notes around builds to highlight insights or discuss with other collaborators