Feature highlights- Virtualitics

@Hiloni (04/12/2021)


  • The variables can be assign in VR-

1. Position- X, Y, Z axis,

2. Appearance- Color, Size, Shape

3. Refine- Group By, PlayBack

4. Extra- Transparency, Halo, Pulsation, Arrow

  • Legend-

  1. Clearly shows color description and number of points for each color

  2. Shape- What each shape describes

  3. Group by- to group each datapoint by that variable and show occurances

  • X,Y,Z axis-

  1. Scaling- With the slider, we can scale each X, Y and Z axis to decide size of the plot

  2. Allows, normalizing data on selected X, Y or Z axis

  3. range- Allows user to select range of data in X, Y and Z axis

  • Color- Allows user to select color

  • Various types of Plot-

  1. Scatter Plot

  2. Line plot

  3. Violin Plot

  4. Ellipsoid

  5. Convex hull

  6. Histogram

  7. Surface

  8. 2D map

  9. 3D globe

  • Filter and Search in dataset