In-class Activity: Handout and Findings 

By Mohammed Akel '23 

For my project 02 in-class activity, I conducted an exploration of Alternative and Augmentative Communication in 2D and VR. I intended to explore how communication challenges manifest differently in the different mediums and what features correspond to such disparities.  The aim of the exercise was to look at some of the communication difficulties experienced by verbally impaired users. This exercise was not meant to simulate experiences of disability. Rather, it is a communication experience to understand the challenges in predicting needed vocabulary. 

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Users Feedback: 

Virtual reality (VR) applications have emerged as powerful tools for storytelling, and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). VR empowers storytellers to create more impactful, meaningful, and memorable narratives, promoting empathy and understanding in ways that were previously not possible, especially for people with disabilities.