Visualizing a 360 degree image in VR

Ashley Kwon (Spring 2023)

This tutorial shows how to load a 360 degree image into a Unity project and view the image in VR (Oculus Quest). Please refer to this YouTube video for the original version of this tutorial.

4.  Search for the OVRCameraRig prefab in your Assets folder. Once you find it, drag and drop it into your scene

5. If you already have a 360 degree saved as a JPG file, you can use the image ! If not, Wikimedia Commons, Shutterstock ... etc. have free 360 degree images. A sample image looks like the following:

6. Import your 360 degree image into the Assets folder in your Unity project. 

7. Open the Assets folder in your Unity project and click the image you just imported. You should see an Inspector window on the right-hand side. Set the image's Texture Shape to "Cube". 

8. (Optional) In your Assets folder, make another folder called "Materials"

9. In the Materials folder, right click to create a new Material.  Clicking the Material you just created will open an Inspector window on the right-hand side. In this window, change the Shader setting to "Cubemap".

10. Once you change the Shader setting, you'll see an empty box where you can load a Cubemap as in the screenshot below.  Set this Cubemap to the cube texture you created in 7.

11. Drag and drop the Material you created in 10, and you should see the scene change to the 360 degree image you chose as in the screenshot below!

12. Connect your headset to your computer and click "Build and Run" under Build Settings to view the image in your headset.