Locally Debug Aframe-WebXR using Oculus Developer Hub

Camilo Diaz


Since 2019 Three JS and AFRAME have moved all their implementations to support OpenXR and left behind their vendor specific APIs. 

This has brougth multiple problems developing VR applications in webvr.

At the moment this guide was written (May 2023) most of the webxr support on desktop browser is deprecated and there is no plans on how to solve this problem. AFRAME has an issue opened that is constantly monitoring the develop of this bug (or feature).

There are a few options to work-around this.

Option1 : Use Oculus Developer HuB

How to Debug Variables and HTML elements

If you want to check the console errors ( or prints), varible values, styles and call stack, you have to enable port forwarding (Only tested on Chrome).

Option2 : Use Steam VR

This option is bit less reliable and the VR camera doesnt work all the time. But I added just in case you cant deal with Oculus Developer Hub

5. Once you are on steam-vr home , using the right controller press B button, it will pop up a menu, select Things -> Panels -> Desktop

6. You should be able to see your desktop, select your browser and go to your Aframe application, the VR button should be displayed.