Yifei Wang (2023 Spring)


VRchaeology is a virtual reality laboratory that teaches archaeological field methods using immersive VR. It was created by a team of researchers and students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, led by anthropology professor Laura Shackelford. The goal of VRchaeology is to allow students to participate in an archaeological dig without leaving campus and to promote accessibility for field research.


VRchaeology works by simulating an archaeological dig site using VR headsets and controllers. Students can interact with the virtual environment and practice various skills such as mapping, sampling, excavating, documenting, and analyzing artifacts. VRchaeology follows the scientific method of archaeology, which involves asking questions, developing hypotheses, and using evidence to test them.

Shackelford VR Lab

Shackelford VR Lab is a research project led by Professor Laura Shackelford from the Department of Anthropology at UIUC. The project aims to teach archaeological field methods using immersive virtual reality (VR) so that students can learn archaeology without leaving the classroom. The project consists of a VR simulation of a cave environment where students can explore and excavate artifacts, as well as a VR laboratory where students can analyze and identify their findings. The project also promotes accessibility for field research and explores the potential of VR for other field sciences.

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The product is currently only for internal use. Please visit their website to contact the team.