Visualization Stratgey

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring

Strategy 1: 

Visualize in Nvidia Instant NeRF App

In summary, while the NVIDIA Instant NeRF app can provide high-quality visualizations of 3D objects with excellent color and geometry, its limitations in terms of object visualization and manipulation may make it less suitable for certain use cases. 

Strategy 2

Export the Mesh

In summary, exporting the mesh of a 3D object can provide more advanced manipulation options and customization capabilities, but may come with limitations in terms of mesh geometry and reversibility. 

(The exported mesh, viewed in MeshLab)

After exporting the mesh, we need to import it into Unity. You can simply drag the .obj file into the assets of your Unity project. However, the resulting object will be pale. To add color to your object, please see texture mapping here.