VTime Xr

By Shenandoah Duraideivamani

VR Mindfulness Software


vTime XR is a cross reality social network app that lets you have conversation with people from all around the world in your comfortable environment

Audiences include anyone above the age of 4 across all identities and regions.

Key Features include:

  1. Spend time together with friends from all around the world

  2. Choose the virtual environment to chat it

  3. Meet new people and make friends

  4. Use this app for a therapeutic conversion as a duo/group

  5. 360 sound from DTS:X Game Audio

Communication Features

  1. Express yourself with virtual gestures

  2. Chat with the group members

  3. Share your photos with friends

Collaboration Features

  1. Private room with requests to join public rooms

  2. Create your avatar with thousands of customization options and millions of facial combinations

  3. Hang out inside your memories in the 360 gallery

  4. Capture the moment with a virtual selfie

  5. Host for every group

Movement Features

  1. Not much movement necessary


  1. Menu can be accessed by clicking the ball in front of you and choosing the right option

Compatibility/Available Platforms

  • Google Platform

  • Oculus Quest, Go

  • Apple Store

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Daydream

  • Windows Mixed Reality

  • Magic Window Mode

Main Website

vTime XR


Oculus Quest Store

User Support Docs

vTime Support