Sites in VR

By: Elaine Jiang


Sites in VR allows users to go on virtual tours of landmarks from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Yemen, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece and Space. There are thousands of 360 degree panoramic images in high quality for you to explore. Devices do not require built-in compasses.

Installing and Running

Prerequisites: a Google Cardboard device and a smartphone (Android or iOS)

  1. Download the app here. (All you need is a Google account.)

  2. To start using Cardboard with your phone, download the Google Cardboard app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

  3. Navigate to your library in the Google Cardboard app. You should see your newly downloaded Sites in VR app. Click the app to begin running, and place your phone in the Cardboard headset.

  4. Follow the first-time user tutorial and enjoy your tour of different landmarks!

Hardware Requirements

  • Sites in VR is currently available to download here to run on Google Cardboard & Daydream View (version 1 and 2), Gear VR, VRIZZMO Revolt, DCSVR (I Am Cardboard), Homido (mini), Ant VR, Go4D C1-Glass, Small Mojing, VR fold, Wearality Sky, Durovis Dive 5, VR BOX, Baofeng Storm II, ColorCross VR, Nibiru/Soyan, Geeach and Ritech 3D


Accessibility: Cost, hardware requirements, languages, etc.

  • Cost: FREE from iTunes, Google Play

  • Hardware requirements: Sites on VR runs with a variety of low-cost devices such as Google Cardboard, making it cost-efficient to bring to classrooms.

Learning Time: How long it takes to learn how to use the software as a first-time user

  • < 10 minutes: easy to learn for students and first-time users

  • Primary controls:

    • On mobile:

      • Move device around to see the environment

      • Zoom and pan using fingers

      • Tap the screen to see the hotspots. Tap the hotspots to move you to that location

    • In VR mode:

      • Move headset around to see the environment

      • Look down to exit a place