WebVR Visualization Software

Created by Jakobi Haskell


Visualization software for web come in the form of JS Libraries, of which there are two types: A-Frame components and external libraries.

In general, the promise of web data visualization is that it is easily accessible and support for most common data files, but there are many kinks that still need to be worked out. Notably, no library can support large data files, nor do they have substantial error messages when files are not processed correctly. In addition, the lack of graphics processing power for A-frame shows through, as the resolution is often poor and glitchy.

Table of Contents

Comparison of D3.js, VR-Viz, BabiaXR

3 of most common frontend data viz libraries. VR-Viz and BabiaXR are both A-Frame components, while D3 is a lower level general library for manipulating data.

VR-Viz Software Evaluation

In-depth evaluation of VR-Viz including developer recommendations, setup tutorial, and verified datasets that work with it.