Installation of Chimerax VR


Installation steps for Chimerax VR-

  1. Download the software from this link by selecting the suitable Operating systems.

  2. Accept the conditions and the software should be downloaded.

  3. Follow the installation steps and the software should be installed on your machine.

Start your software using Steam VR-

  1. Launch Steam VR

  2. Open the installed Chimerax VR on your virtual Machine

  3. Load the Chimerax VR file that you want to view in VR(Follow this tutorial)

  4. After the file is loaded, in the Command line below, enter Command- "vr on" to view the structure in VR mode in quest2

5. In steam VR, it will launch Chimerax VR is VR mode(It might take a minute to launch)

6. To exit VR mode, simply enter "vr off" in the command line.