VR Collaborative Workspace


Engage is a virtual environment that allows users to engage with 3D content in virtual lessons and simulations.

Features include:


  1. Can spawn fairly high quality 3D animated models

  2. Manipulate certain objects that you placed

  3. Can clone, scale, and edit the models

  4. Can create your own avatar but limited size

  5. Take notes and manipulate content

  6. Load screenshots, videos, other types of content


  1. Move with joystick to move avatar (not teleport

Other Features

  1. A large library of content and lessons from Oxford

  2. Ability to create personal meeting rooms

Compatibility/Available Platforms

  • HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/Quest, Windows MR, Valve Index, Pico G2/Neo 2


  • Lite version includes max 3 users/session for free

  • Plus version includes max 20 users/session for 4.99/month

  • Education version supports 70 users/session (inquire for pricing)

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This app is very promising for educational purposes but limited features for the free version makes it less accessible. -Melis

Meeting Rooms

  • Import objects

  • Share multiple monitors

  • Post pictures

Collaboration Features

  • Interact with other avatars

  • Communicate via voice within the app


By George Lee, Paul Krupski and Melis Gökalp