MetaQuest 2 Hand Tracking Setup

By :Melvin He (Spring 2023)

Guide to Hand Tracking with Meta Quest 2

Hand tracking in the Meta Quest 2 headset is a feature that enables users to interact with the virtual environment using their bare hands, without the need for controllers. It uses the built-in cameras on the headset to detect the position, orientation, and movement of the user's hands, as well as the configuration of their fingers.

The hand tracking system is based on computer vision algorithms that process the images captured by the cameras in real-time. The algorithms identify the user's hands and fingers, and then track their movement as the user moves their hands in the real world.

With hand tracking, users can perform a range of gestures and actions in virtual reality, such as pointing, grabbing, and swiping. It provides a more natural and intuitive way to interact with virtual objects and environments, and can enhance the overall immersive experience of VR.

Setting up Hand Tracking (~3 minutes):

From here, you can also turn auto switch for hand tracking on or off.

Click on wifi/battery in the bottom left of your screen.

On the top right corner of picture below is Settings (with gear icon)

Selecting it will bring you to Movement Tracking.

Toggle Hand Tracking, Auto Switch, and Double Tap.

Palm Pinch

Pinch and Scroll

Point and Pinch

Brings you back to your Meta Home menu.

Scroll up, down, left, right to adjust your view

Used to select something