Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking Setup

All you need to use hand tracking

by Alejandro Romero

Guide to Casting with Oculus for Collaboration

Hand Tracking is a feature for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest that allows you to use your hands in place of conventional controllers.

Set up Dev Mode (~8 minutes):

  1. In order to use your Quest in Developer Mode (which is required for sideloading), you’ll need to register as a developer organization

  2. Visit this page and make sure you’re logged into the same Oculus account that your Quest is registered to. Enter a new organization name and tick the ‘I understand’ box to agree to the Oculus Terms of Service.

  3. Open the Oculus app on your phone and make sure your Quest is turned on.

  4. Tap ‘Settings’ in the bottom right

  5. Locate your Oculus Quest listed in the Settings tab, and make sure it reads ‘Connected'

  6. Tap on the arrow button next to your device, to reveal more options

  7. Tap the ‘More Settings’ button

  8. Tap on ‘Developer Mode’

  9. Flick the switch to On instead of Off

  10. Fully reboot your Quest – hold down the power button on the side and select ‘Power Off’ or ‘Restart’. You Quest should fully reboot in order to properly start in Developer Mode

  11. After rebooting, your Quest should be in Developer Mode

Set up Hand Tracking (~1 minute):

  1. Press the Oculus button on your right controller to pull up the universal menu

  2. Select the Settings gear

  3. In the panel to your left, select Devices

  4. Select Hands and Controllers

  5. In the Hand Tracking section, use the toggles next to Hand Tracking to turn the feature on or off

  6. You will also need to turn the auto switching feature of hand tracking on, allowing your headset to automatically switch between using your hands or controllers