Paraview Build

by Spencer Cheleden

This page contains instructions on how to build Paraview 5.6 in the Yurt, and hopefully is also helpful in the building of future versions of Paraview.

  1. Building Paraview on Oscar requires a number of modules. Modules can be loaded with the command module load <modulename>. For building Paraview 5.6.0 with Scalable, the following command will load all required modules:

module load cmake/3.10.1 git/2.20.2 mpi/cave_mvapich2_2.3rc2_gcc vrpn vrg3d/265 opengl/nvidia-375.66 qt/5.10.1 scalable/opengl32+

  1. It is now time to download the Paraview source. It is important that you obtain the patched Scalable source. To do this, run git clone This will clone paraview into the paraview directory -- now cd paraview.

  2. This is a fork of the Paraview build from kitware. To get the proper version patched version, we need to check out and copy the scalable_5.6.0 branch. To do so, run git fetch origin. Then run git checkout -b local_5.6.0 origin/scalable_5.6.0. This will create a local version of the branch called local_5.6.0, and switch you to that branch.

  3. Run git submodule update --init --recursive in order to fetch all submodules.

  4. We also need to copy the patched branch of the VTK submodule. To get this, cd into the VTK directory. Then run git fetch origin and git checkout -b local_5.6.0 origin/5.6.0_scalable to get a local version of the VTK modified branch.

  5. Now navigate back to the paraview directory with cd .. and then run mkdir build to create the build directory, and then cd into the build directory.

  6. It is now time to run the cmake command:

    1. cmake -D PARAVIEW_USE_MPI=ON -D USE_SCALABLE=ON -D LIBSCALABLE_LIBRARY=/gpfs/runtime/opt/scalable/20150828/lib/ -D LIBSCALABLE_INCLUDE_DIR=/gpfs/runtime/opt/scalable/20150828/include -D SCALABLE_LIB_DIR=/gpfs/runtime/opt/scalable/20150828/lib/ PARAVIEW_AUTOLOAD_PLUGIN_VRPlugin=ON -D VRPN_LIBRARY=/gpfs/runtime/opt/vrpn/7.33/lib/libvrpn.a -D VRPN_INCLUDE_DIR=/gpfs/runtime/opt/vrpn/7.33/include ..

  7. This should generate the appropriate Makefiles.

  8. Now run make -j 32. The -j flag allows the make process to use multiple processors. Once this has finished, Paraview should have been built!