Immersion Analytics Research on Women in the Olympics

Created By: Amanda Levy May 2022

Research Overview

Research Question

  • How did medal dispersion for female participants vary across National Olympic Committees (NOCs), sport, and year?

    • To analyze this research question in Immersion Analytics, given the restrictions on the number of rows in the csv, we must break it down into different date periods and only look at the 15 NOCs that we examined in project 1.

      • 1900-1964; 1968-1994; 1996 - 2008; 2010 - 2016



The underlying csv files that I used to create my visualizations are in the following folder. Each csv file name details the filters employed. If you follow the installation steps below and use the .viz files, then you do not need to download these csv files, unless you want to create additional visualizations.

Graph Setup

To address the research question, I assigned the variables to graph characteristics as such:

  • NOC: X axis and Color

  • Sport: Y axis and Shape

  • Medal: Z axis and Size

    • I thought that visualizing the data entries that didn't earn a medal (N/A) overcrowded the graph, so I went to "Manage Variables" --> "Medal" --> filter out N/A

  • Year: Label


  1. Follow the Immersion Analytics installation instructions on this wiki subpage and follow the instructions for downloading the Oculus Quest 2 Visualizer

  2. We are going to be analyzing .viz files that were created on a Desktop Visualizer and then uploaded to Google Drive, so please download those .viz files located in this folder

  3. Continue following the installation and setup instruction on this wiki subpage to open the .viz files within the Oculus Visualizer app.

Viewing the Visualizations

On the Oculus controllers:

A - brings up the main menu

Pushing the thumb-stick vertically moves the graph up/down

Pushing the thumb-stick horizontally rotates the graph left/right

Pushing BOTH the thumb-stick vertically and the trigger zooms the graph in/out

Holding down the trigger and rotating the controllers will correspondingly rotate the graph

Additionally, from the Immersion Analytics documentation:

“Select Objects: By pointing a laser at the plot, you can select things with the

trigger, e.g., data points, plots

Move Plots: Point a laser at the plot, with the same hand hold the trigger down

then you can move the plot around

Zoom & Transform: Point both lasers at the plot, then hold down both triggers,

then you can perform 3D pinch/zoom/transform of that plot by moving your hands

farther apart or closer together

Open Menu: Push the Top button (Y or B)

Open Action Pallet: Push the Bottom button (X or A)”

Collaboration Directions

  • To create or host a room, go to "Main Menu" → "Collaboration" --> enter [your created Lobby Address] as Lobby Address; create a unique Room Name; (optional) create a Room Password; enter the above password to Join the room

  • To join a Room, enter the Lobby Address, Room Name, and (if used) Room Password given by your host.

~ An Immersion Analytics employee noted that "the intent is for customers to deploy IA Runtime Server on their public or private cloud, as desired. IA Runtime Server is available as a Docker image."

Video Showcase of the Experience

immersion analytics screen recording.mp4

In-Class Activity Takeaways