GrabCAD experience notes

Created By: Amanda Levy April 2022

1) create an free GrabCAD community account

  • I thought it would be helpful to filter under the Software dropdown to SketchUp and filter to "Most Downloaded" - "All Time"

CAD models that I initially thought it would be effective to compare communication methods with

=> I ultimately decided that it would not be successful to measure the comparative advantage of using VR instead of 2D or 3D models for many CAD models. This was because most models were not outwards facing, difficult to see the detailed inside structure, or not complex enough objets that identifying a feature in both VR and 3D would take about the same time and the same communication instructions. The CAD models that would be successful are the architecture models. Lucia, however, already analyzed the comparison between desktop and VR architecture exploration, so I ultimately did not pursue this project idea to avoid overlap.