D6VR Installation and Features

Hiloni Mehta, Aakansha Mathur


You would need to request a demo from D6VR. D6VR would send you an invitation on your Oculus email account. Then, you can download the software form Oculus Store or the software would be available in the 'Not Installed' section

How to use D6VR for data visualization

Step 1: You will be prompted to login once you open the app. The credentials will be provided by the D6VR team

Step 2: Create your avatar and choose a channel to join

Step 3: There are 18 display screens in each room You can display pdfs, trading data or enter url to view websites

Select the display type

Stocks data displayed on the screens

Enter url to view websites or web browsers

Load pdfs and interact with them

Step 4: You can choose among three different types of plots to visualize the data. Choose 'Create Visualization' to create a new visualization

Step 5: A panel would load which allows you to choose the dataset you loaded. Choose the dataset and the type of plot

Step 6: You can open the variable mapping panel and choose the variable that you would like to vary the data width

Choosing the variables on x, y and z axis for data visualization

The data visualization after choosing the variables