By George Lee

VR Design and Collaboration Tool


Sketchbox is a 3D collaboration workspace allowing one to manipulate models and meshes in a virtual space.

Features include:


  1. Scaling in 3 built in axis

  2. Change model colors

  3. Move objects with point & click movements

  4. Built in snapping of objects onto surfaces

  5. Ability to duplicate objects

  6. Ability to erase objects

  7. Scale camera by clicking inner trigger buttons


  1. Point and click mechanic

  2. Can pan around with inner trigger button

Other Features

  1. Can start a meeting (Yet to verify if it works)

  2. Abilty to import objects/privatives/built in models as FBX, OBJ & GLTF

  3. Export models as FBX

  4. Integration with Naviswork, Revit, Google Poly

  5. Ability to measure objects

  6. Camera (take scene screenshots)