Blender XR

Interacting with Blender scenes in VR

By Alejandro Romero


Blender XR is an open-source extension allowing users to interact with and edit 3D scenes in Blender.

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Core Features

  • View existing scenes in VR

  • Open VR window in Blender without disrupting desktop workflow

  • Add primitive objects, i.e. cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc.

  • Select objects or their components in the 3D scene

  • Rotate, move, or scale objects

  • Join or separate objects

  • Draw and write in VR with Annotation tool

    • Set color of stroke with Tool Objects Menu

  • Cut off edges of 3D objects with Bevel tool

  • Set Blender 3D cursor in scene for reference with Cursor tool

  • Measure distances or angles on meshes

  • Extrude faces of polygons

  • Create new faces using the Inset faces tool

  • Cut polygons using the Knife tool

  • Insert new edge loops on meshes with the Loop Cut tool

  • Experimental Sculpting tool


  • OS: Linux, Windows

  • Headsets: HTC Vive, WindowsMR, Fove, Oculus (Rift + Quest)

  • Blender version: Blender 2.8

Official Documentation


Accessibility: How user-friendly is the software?

  • Integrates seamlessly with Blender 2.8, just put the extension DLL file in the same directory as the Blender.exe

  • Does not seem to work with Blender 2.9

  • Somewhat clunky controls, but promising depth of features

Power: The engine's power - i.e. how much one can do with this

  • Surprisingly deep editing capabilities directly in Blender

  • Not optimal for intensive modeling

Usage: Evaluation of software's effectiveness in certain use cases

  • Allows users to visualize VR assets as they would be seen in a final VR environment