Class ACTIVITY: 3D Slicer

By Shreya D'Souza

This is an adaptation of Slicer Tutorial #1 with the additional functionality of viewing on a HMD

Setting Up

Importing Data

Linking MRI Scans

1. Click on the left button in the toolbar of each panel and then the eye to view the MRI scans in the 3D space. Pressing the link button will cause all to show up at once. Use the sliders to view different slices of the brain. 

Segmenting Scans and Creating Models

The Tumour

The Brain Tissue

Viewing on a Head-Mounted Display

[This is only possible on a Windows computer (the SlicerVR extension is only available on Windows) so we will be migrating to the VC Lab to view a model on HTC Vives. Thank you Brandon for teaching me how to use the HTC Vives :)]

2. Ensure that the headset is correctly connected correctly using Steam

3. Click on the Button in 3D Slicer - this will cause the brain to show up. You can use the controllers to move the brain in the space and look at the tumour more closely.