Object Interactions

Object Interactions

by Michael Cosgrove

Object Interactions

This is a wiki page on interacting with objects in VR.

"Click and Drag"

This is analogous to clicking and dragging something with a computer mouse on a two-dimensional desktop, but instead in 3D. This can make it a little difficult to pull something that is very far away from the user, but otherwise is fairly intuitive.

DinoVR has an example of this.

"Force Grab"

This is a method in some games that makes it a little bit easier to grab objects at a distance. Usually this involves highlighting an object that a user is vaguely pointing toward, and then if the user presses down a certain button and makes a grabbing motion in the direction from the object towards themselves, they bring the object closer to them (or, more often, directly to their hands).

The Star Wars Vader Immortal games do this, as well as Half Life Alyx with “gravity gloves” (Half Life Alyx adds the extra step of “catching” the object, but this is more for gameplay reasons).