Install Nanome on Oculus Quest 2


This tutorial covers the steps to install Nanome on Oculus Quest 2 using Sidequest

System Requirements

  • A machine running Windows 10/Mac OS/ Linux (For class, use Windows 10 on local computer or Paperspace server)

  • SideQuest


  1. Enable developer mode on Oculus mobile app.

  2. Open SideQuest.

  3. Connect Oculus Quest 2 to local computer using a cable.

  4. Allow USB debugging

  5. Search for Nanome in the SideQuest store and click on Install to Headset.

In Oculus Headset

  1. Open Apps section in the Oculus Quest 2 main page.

  2. The Apps section contains two drop down menus (Located directly to the right of the word "Apps"). Select the dropdown next to the dropdown that says "Recent".

  3. Scroll all the way down and select the option that says "Unknown Sources".

  4. Launch the Nanome application.