Install Nanome on Oculus Quest 2 

Edited by Mohammed Akel (Spring 2023) 


This tutorial covers the steps to install Nanome on Oculus Quest 2 using the Oculus Quest app store and Sidequest. Once you create an account, you will be able to enjoy ALL features for a two weeks trial period. Take this time to explore the features because Nanome's monthly/yearly subscriptions are not affordable. List of full features includes: 

Visit for more information on subscription licenses. 

Part 01: The Oculus Quest App Store

As of December 2022, Nanome can be Downloaded directly through the Oculus Quest App Store.  In order to do so, follow the following steps: 

Part 02: Using SideQuest 

You can sideload the .APK file into your Meta Quest using SideQuest. Make sure to enable developer mode and install SideQuest on your local computer [downloading sidequest on paper space will not work] 

System Requirements