Advanced Data Analysis in Paraview

Spreadsheet and histogram view

ParaView can visualize data in a spreadsheet view. The spreadsheet view can be configured to show all data, or only selected data. you can also select a row in the spreadsheet view and it will be selected in the 3d view.

You can also show your data as a histogram. This will show you how many cells have different attributes.

  • Open Can.exo.

  • Highlight the can window, and Select Cell on the can.

  • Split Horizontal

  • Split Vertical

  • In the upper right window, select Spreadsheet View.

  • Select the Show Only Selected Elements check box (next to Precision).

  • Note that the Spreadsheet can now be sorted - including in parallel.

  • Select a different cell on the can.

  • Highlight the lower right window.

We want magnitude of the DISPL vector.

  • Calculator. Formula → mag(DISPL). Result → MagDispl.

  • FiltersData AnalysisHistogram. Apply.

  • Change Select Input Array to MagDispl. Apply.

  • Animate forward in time one step at a time.

  • Play

  • If desired, freeze the X and Y axis in the Properties tab using Axis Use Custom Range

Advanced Spreadsheets

  • You can either display all of your dataset's points or cells in your spreadsheet, or only those that are selected in the 3d view. With the spreadsheet window selected, on the Display tab, click Show only selected elements.

  • When cells or points are selected in the 3d window, the appropriate row(s) in the spreadsheet view will be highlighted.

  • Highlighting works both ways - if you select a row or rows in the spreadsheet view, the cell or point on your dataset will be selected.

  • You can select multiple rows in the spreadsheet by holding down the <ctrl> key, and can select ranges of rows by holding down the <shft> key.

  • Note that the Spreadsheet can now be sorted - including in parallel.