By Shenandoah Duraideivamani

VR Mindfulness Software


Within is a form on Cinematic VR which includes beautiful immersive stories in many genres. These stories photograph real people and places.

Features include:

  1. Multiple genres of videos including animated, music, documentary, horror, and experimental

  2. Each genres has a wide range of videos from noisy cities to wild and airy landscapes

  3. Stream or download for quality experiences

  4. Relevant music that goes along with your atmosphere

  5. Reduced motion sickness

  6. Cost is free with no charges or ads

  7. Video additions/renewal every month from all around the world

  8. Sitting and standing mode supported

  9. Collaboration with Supernatural to stay fit in VR

  10. Dive into the news in CNNVR

Compatibility/Available Platforms

  • Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • WebVR

  • VR headsets (Google Cardboard, Oculus Gear, Rift, Quest)

  • Playstation VR

  • Steam VR

  • Viveport


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