rBy George Lee, Paul Krupski, Laila Gamaleldin

VR Collaborative Workspace


Immersed is a collaborative workspace allowing one to manipulate multiple screens and share virtual whiteboards in a 3D space.

Features include:


  1. Public Rooms

Rooms open to the public. Allows live interaction between any users who happen to connect at the same time

  1. Private Rooms

Private rooms can be created and other users can be added by invite only. This creates a private space for collaboration and sharing information

Monitor Manipulation

  1. Can spawn up to 5 virtual monitors from your keyboard

  2. Shared those monitors with others in a collaborative workspace

  3. Can scale, manipulate, and snap monitors to a grid


  1. Point on joystick and click on a glowing diamond mechanic

  2. Can manipulate monitors freely

Other Features

  1. Can start a meeting by inviting a friend to your virtual workspace

  2. Built in audio/video chat feature

  3. Keyboard tracking feature (calibrate virtual keyboard with real life keyboard)

    1. Must have hand tracking on for this feature

  4. Can join video meetings as your Immersed avatar


  1. Free/Elite/Teams with corresponding features ( - all users get one week of elite upon sign-up and then must purchase/renew after

Main Website


  • Oculus Quest and Quest 2 with PC, Mac, and Linux Support

Comparison Matrix Link

Feedback from In-Class Activity

Immersed In-Class activity can be found here

The class was asked to rate Immersed on a variety of categories using a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest/best:

  • Set-Up Experience: Set-up experience was mixed, with some finding it very easy and other very difficult (avg: 3.2, median: 3)

  • Controls: Controls were found to be somewhat intuitive, but not extremely so (avg: 3, median: 3)

  • Overall experience: Reviews of the overall experience were similarly mixed (avg: 2.5, median: 3)

General Feedback:

  • Controls took time to get used to and were difficult, especially the hand controls

  • Screens often glitched

  • People appreciated the shared space but wished they could take control of partners’ screens

  • Video chat feature did not work for many