Sketchup Tutorial

Created by Giuse

The installation process is a little confusing, but you can install Sketchup  Pro's installer before signing up.

You then need a Sketchup Trial or License, and this can acquired with an email. This should pop up when you're done installing.

The Export function comes with the file and save menus.

Instead of being able to directly edit textures and material properties, there is just primitives whose  dimensions can be changed.

Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle. 

Select the Push/Pull tool (looks like an arrow sticking out perpendicularly from a rectangle) and move the mouse over to your rectangle. Left-click and drag up or down to turn the rectangle into a rectangular prism. 

If you choose to export to Unity, you can just drag it drop it into the Unity Scene, if this is for a game, assign it properties  in the hierarchy menu.