Cavepainting demo

Written by Ross Briden on 03/24/21


CavePainting is a collaborative 3D-painting application developed by Daniel Keefe, David Laidlaw, and others. CavePainting supports YURTs, CAVEs, HMDs, and other large display devices.   

Before Starting (please read!)

During this tutorial, you will download, install, and use CavePainting to design an awesome painting! At each step of this process, please log -- approximately -- how long each step takes. In particular, you should have time estimates for each of the following steps:

Installation & Setup

Estimated time: 5 minutes

Requirements:  Windows 10, SteamVR, and Visual Studio's C++ toolchain (if you completed the DinoVR tutorial, this should be installed already). 


 0. Be sure the complete the following steps on your Paperspace computer and ensure that SteamVR is closed on your Paperspace computer. 

CavePainting Controls & Features 

Below is a list of the controls and menu options supported by CavePainting. Feel free to refer to this section while completing the activities below. 

Quest 2 Controller Controls

Main Menu Options

There are five main menu options, each of is represented by a circle with a symbol on it. Below we'll go through each of the menu options:

Activity 1

Estimated time: 10 minutes

In this activity, you'll be looking at a CavePainting model made by Melis with you partner. To start, execute the run_HMD_controller batch file by double clicking it (or typing run_HMD_controller if you're using CMD) and put on your headset. 

Once the batch file starts running, you should see a mountain and a portion of text that says Fjord. While viewing the scene, complete the following tasks:

Once you're done, answer the following questions on the class board:

Activity 2

Estimated time: 15 minutes

In this activity, you'll design a painting with your partner: