Comparing Architectural Design Softwares



This consists of comparision of two main Interior Design/Architectural Softwares in Virtual Relaity.

  1. VR SKetch- VR Sketch is an application which allows multiple users to edit and design together.

  2. Sentio VR- Sentio VR is an application for architectural deisgns which allows multiple users to view designs together

VR Sketch vs Sentio VR

Summary of Key Differences-

  1. Collaborative Mode- While both the softwares provide collaborative mode, VR Sketch allows multiple designers/users to edit te same model where as Sentio VR allows one user to build the model and other users to just view it.

  2. Extensions- Both the softwares work well with sketchUp, though Sentio VR can also work with images and other design softwares.


Both the softwares VR Sketch and Sentio VR are amazing VR softwares for architecture and interior designing. VR Sketch can work best if used by multiple users to collaborate in Virtual Reality in Sketch up model where as Sentio VR can work best when sharing your model with client to view for easy usage even though they have less design or VR experience.