Polycam 3D Scanner App


Polycam is an iOS/web app that allows you to capture 3D scans. It uses either LiDAR technology available on your phone or photos to stitch a model together.

Polycam gives each user 5 free scans before charging. The free version does not allow you to export models.

They offer a 14-day free trial of their Pro subscription which allows you to scan and export a larger number of models.

Download and Instructions

On iOS:

  1. Download the Polycam app from the app store.

  2. When you open the app and have log, the camera automatically pops up. On the lower left, there are two options (LiDAR or photo) based on what phone model you have. Choose whichever option is compatible with your device.

  3. Follow in-app instructions to obtain the scan.

  4. On the export page, I suggest selecting "optimized" so it doesn't slow down runtime in applications.

  5. After you have gotten the model, you can access it in the app or at https://poly.cam . Click the export button and choose the file type you wish to save.

On Web:

  1. Go to https://poly.cam and sign up/in

  2. On the captures dashboard, click the Create new button

  3. Upload between 20 and 250 photos of your object

  4. After the model has finished processing, you can use the export button to save the model to your computer.