Melis's Journal


CONTRIBUTION 1: Added content about the currently available and developing VR Social Media apps VR + Social Media

CONTRIBUTION 2: Added the missing link for the Unity Tutorial in Tutorials page Tutorials

CONTRIBUTION 3: Details on compiling and running OpenSpace for VR OpenSpace

CONTRIBUTION 4: Review and pricing info about the Engage app on Oculus Engage

CONTRIBUTION 5: Possibilities for Collaboration on OpenSpace for VR OpenSpace

CONTRIBUTION 6: Summarized and added description of the app Engage

CONTRIBUTION 7: Wiki page on Cybersickness

CONTRIBUTION 8: Wiki page on Design Guidelines for Cybersickness

CONTRIBUTION 9: In-class activity page for the Cybersickness Experiment

CONTRIBUTION 10: Tutorial page on Adding Custom Oculus Controller Art in Unity


Total: 143 hours

HOURS journal

1/25/21 - 4 Hours

  • Familiarized with Oculus Quest 2 over the weekend.

  • Completed the setup

  • Read papers for the first project

  • Read the wiki page on Virtual Reality

  • Brainstormed first ideas for future projects

1/27/21 - 6 Hours

  • Grabbed images of interesting places from Google Earth

  • Made a wiki contribution on the VR Social Media page

  • Read papers on "Survey on virtual reality in social network"

  • Found potential software for projects: OpenSpace, ParaView, TiltBrush, VeloView

    • Amazon Lumberyard:

      • Amazon's new VR engine release

      • Supports multiplayer gaming experience through GameLift

    • OpenSpace:

      • Very cool and exciting!

      • Comes with dataset of images of surface of Mars, Mercury and Moon

  • Potential project ideas:

    • Multiplayer space exploration with voice chat on OpenSpace

    • Virtual party/DJing with friends and share musical experiences through Unity (Dance Central is a similar game)

      • Users will be able to queue up songs and interact/dance

    • Visualizing archeological data in VR using Unity

    • Product review in VR by teams using TiltBrush(?)

  • Questions:

  • Read about DinoVR

1/27/21 - 3 Hours

  • Feedback/suggestions for my potential project ideas:

    • Space exploration with voice chat:

      • There is existing versions where you sit next to a person, they see your view

      • Think about how you can make it multiplayer and collaborative

      • Classmates entertain the voice chat idea!

    • On Unity you can get player locations and have two players exist in the same game space

    • Lumberyard: check the previous journals to see if it is actually good

    • Perfect synchronization is a hard task

    • Checkout the Oculus app for movie watching (VR theater) might be similar/inspiring to the party idea

    • Download and explore the possibilities of OpenSpace

    • Unity is the safest choice

1/27/21 - 3 Hours

  • OpenSpace installed on VM

2/2/21 - 4 Hours

  • Project ideas:

    • Multiplayer space exploration with voice chat on OpenSpace

      • Things I will do:

        • Create an Open Space exploration that features voice chat with a person sitting next to the main user

        • Allow taking screenshots of/annotate the screen

        • Allow streaming on other (non-vr) devices?

        • Messaging and voice chat feature

      • Class Activity:

        • Have a class demo of space exploration in pairs (or more) people synchronously

      • Deliverables:

        • Make a detailed explanation of the software and explain how it can be made collaborative.

        • Improve the OpenSpace wiki page

        • Add the resources for data I used to the website.

    • Virtual party/DJing with friends and share musical experiences through Unity (Dance Central is a similar game)

      • Things I will do:

        • Create a socializing room


2/8/21 - 10 Hours

      • Installed OpenSpace locally following the tutorial and ran the binary.

      • Assessed the doability of the project goals.

      • OpenSpace worked successfully on a Mac out of the box but it can only be compiled on a Windows Machine, so the software development aspect has to take place on the Windows VM.

2/10/21 - 4 Hours

  • Completed the first milestone, which is running OpenSpace on the headset and compiling the code on Paperspace.

  • Installed Paraview and Volume renderer on PaperSpace

  • Contribution to the wiki

2/11/21 - 2 Hours

  • In class Volume rendering in-class activity:

    • Looked at the depth data histogram to adjust parameters and coloring to find the boundaries of a rat's heart vessel.

2/15/21 - 4 hours

  • Added content to wiki

  • Installed OpenSpace on VM

  • OpenSpace crashes on PaperSpace

  • Solved the bug: "Unhandled win32 exception occurred in VR view"

  • Solution:

    • Under Performance, click Settings

    • Click Data Excecution Prevention tab

    • Select Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only

    • Restart Windows

  • Source:

2/17/21 - 5 hours

  • Learned the steps for compiling OpenSpace on Windows. There is an option for compiling for viewing in Oculus Rift. Would that work with Oculus Quest 2?

  • Compiled OpenSpace on VM but that also crashed.

  • Research done on how to implement multiplayer support and voice chat:

2/22/21 - 5 hours

  • Added a peer journal review for Laila

  • Followed Brandon Woodard's tutorial on Building OpenSpace from Spring 2020.

  • I was trying to figure out why it did not compile and turns out that OpenSpace can only be compiled using Visual Studio 2017, which is older than the version I have. Ran into some memory issues while cloning the OpenSpace repo again. Then deleted some other downloads and we are back at it!

  • The instructions for the CMake.txt file are different from what I have.

  • There were no warnings from the CMake output log but it failed to build in CMake although I've followed the instructions there.

  • Working more on figuring out why the build says there are errors in configuration. There is some missing references??

2/24/21 - 3 hours

  • Read on the OpenSpace Support Channel on Slack that they do not plan to support VR in the future! "we support VR on HTCVive and OculusRift, it’s still a work in progress and thus not part of our main download/release. In order to use OpenSpace in VR you must compile from the source code with OpenVR support enabled." (From the channel)

  • The instructions for the CMake.txt file are different from what I have.

  • There were no warnings from the CMake output log but it failed to build in CMake although I've followed the instructions there.

  • Working more on figuring out why the build says there are errors in configuration. There is some missing references??

2/26/21 - 3 hours

  • Improved the wiki page for OpenSpace.

  • Contributed to the Engage wiki page.

  • Prepared the classroom activity to survey Engage on Oculus for Tuesday's class.

  • Attempted to compile OpenSpace again.

03/01/21 - 2 hours

  • Completed the prep for Engage classroom activity

  • Created the Google form for feedback

    • Aimed to measure the amount of collaboration, usability and connection using Engage

  • Worked on OpenSpace integration

03/02/21 - 2 hours

  • Conducted the in-class demo for Engage

  • Got verbal and written feedback from classmates and compiled results.

03/05/21 - 4 hours

  • Started brainstorming ideas for Project 2

  • Gathered material for Project 1 final presentation.

  • Updated journal

-- Journal Self Evaluation [by Melis]


  • Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables: 5/5

  • deliverables are described and attributed in wiki: 4/5

  • report states total amount of time: 4/5

  • total time is appropriate: 5/5

-- Journal Peer Review [by Michael]


    1. Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables: 5/5

    2. deliverables are described and attributed in wiki: 5/5

    3. report states total amount of time: 5/5

    4. total time is appropriate: 5/5

  • Overall, great work! I especially like that you have a lot of media embedded in your journal as well!

03/07/21 - 3 hours

  • Added to OpenSpace Wiki

  • Completed the missing points in the journal (reported by Ross, thanks!)

  • Finished the final project presentation.

  • Added project deliverables on the wiki.

  • Organized journal entries

03/15/21 - 3 hours

  • Reflected on Project 1 conclusions

  • Brainstormed ideas for Project 2

  • UI/UX related ideas:

    • Software adjustments/improvements to reduce dizziness/motion sickness while using VR headsets:

      • Things I would do:

        • Read papers on what causes motion sickness/discomfort on VR

        • Compare existing software that are rated high and low for motion sickness

        • Create experiments on Unity with different motion and control settings to see how people react to them

        • Make them multiplayer if possible

        • Can potentially make this in large data settings that will cause different motion feelings for people.

      • Class Activity:

        • Have a class demo of different VR controls and have people report on them

      • Deliverables:

        • Make wiki pages on VR usability and motion sickness

        • Compare available software that involves a lot of motion.

        • (How do I incorporate data visualization other than uploading space/model data on Unity??)

  • Software comparison related ideas:

    • Building together: Is it possible to collaborate fully?

  • Data Visualization oriented SWE ideas:

    • Improve DinoVR:

      • Things I would do:

          • Obtain the code and add better multiplayer collaborative features

          • It could be usernames, pointers or sound cues when someone joins a room.

      • Class Activity:

        • Have a demo of collaborative features and compare them with the previous class activity

      • Deliverables:

        • Add to DinoVR wikipage

        • Add to wiki on how to improve collaboration and visibility in shared experiences.

03/15/21 - 3 hours

  • Installed MinVR on PaperSpace and attempted to install DinoVR

  • Contemplated on which idea to pursue for Project 2

  • Asked Ross for help

03/18/21 - 6 hours

  • Tried to debug DinoVR on PaperSpace but ran into issues

  • Decided on analyzing motion sickness for project 2

  • Gathered resources and a bibliography

  • Worked on project 2 proposal

03/21/21 - 3 hours

  • Did reading on user experience methods

03/23/21 - 3 hours

  • Looked at the different user controls for apps with cybersickness and read reviews on Oculus Store

  • We don't know how they determine "comfort level" of a game on Oculus Store, interesting!

03/25/21 - 6 hours

  • Started writing a lit review on cybersickness

  • The two experiments for a kayaking and mountain climbing in this paper are inspiring for qualitative feedback

  • Created a project plan for the Cybersickness experiment

    • Task 1: Adjust some control speeds and report back

    • Task 2: Change momentum/ parallax /depth cues

    • Task 3: Teleport/walk around

  • Will implement live email feedback within the app

03/31/21 - 4 hours

  • Compiled the VR project on Unity for Oculus and it RUNS!

04/05/21 - 3 hours

  • Finished lit review

04/08/21 - 3 hours

  • Worked on implementing the Unity demo

04/09/21 - 5 hours

  • Made an escape room demo game for the activity using unity assets and tried controls

  • The game uses teleport locations to move and I want to add variety so I am exploring other options.

  • I like the tasks in the game but the controls can be varied so I will explore other options.

  • The assets and the environment are lightweight and compile easily.

04/10/21 - 4 hours

  • Tested other Unity packages VRTK did not seem to work

  • Added information on wiki pages

04/11/21 - 5 hours

  • Worked on the demo and updated design outlines

04/12/21 - 8 hours

  • Finished up the class activity, debugged the app and tested it ( pulled an all-nighter 😭 )

  • Prepared the in-class activity page

  • Created the activity feedback form

04/13/21 - 4 hours

  • Debugged the app before the class demo

  • Performed in-class demo

04/14/21 - 3 hours

  • Worked on the final presentation

  • Incorporated the feedback from the in-class activity and live-feedback

04/15/21 - 2 hours

  • Finished in-class final presentation

04/18/21 - 3 hours

  • Added more graphs for the public demo

  • Wrote more content for the wiki

04/20/21 - 3 hours

  • Updated Journal

  • Worked on the public demo slides

04/21/21 - 5 hours

  • Completed the public demo presentation

  • Added a tutorial page on adding custom controller art in Unity.


Rumeli Fortress, Istanbul

Hyeres, France

Prince Islands, Istanbul


Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Turkey

Kyoto, Japan

Oludeniz (Dead Sea), Turkey

Kyoto, Japan