Sideloading APKs Using SideQuest


Tutorial on how to download apps on the Quest 2 using SideQuest.

Before you begin

Have the following things ready:

  • Oculus Quest 2

  • Some computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux (Chromebooks are not supported)

  • The .apk file that you want to install on your Quest

  • A cable to connect your Oculus HMD to your computer

First-time Setup (Enabling Developer Mode)

In order to sideload APKs to the Quest, Oculus requires that you enable developer mode. They make you jump through some hoops in order to get this done the first time, but once developer mode is enabled you can skip these steps each subsequent time you want to sideload an app in the future.

1. Become a registered developer on the Oculus website. Go to and create an “organization”. You will first be asked to accept the developer agreement. You will then need to verify your account using either a credit card or a phone number.

2. Under “Select Organization” choose “Create” and then fill out the form to “Create New Organization”. The name that you choose here does not matter. Submit the form to create your organization and become a registered developer.

3. Install the driver software for your device. (This step is only required for Windows users – you can skip this on all other platforms.) Go to on your PC and download the drivers for your headset. The Oculus Go drivers work for the quest also. To install the drivers, extract the zip folder, right click the android_winusb.inf file and click install.

4. Open the Oculus app on your iOS or Android phone. Click the “Menu” tab on the bottom and then choose “Devices”. Ensure your Quest is on and within Bluetooth range so your phone can connect to it. Under “Headset Settings”, choose “Developer Mode” and switch developer mode to on.

Sideloading Steps

  1. Connect the Oculus Quest 2 to your computer using a USB-C cable (use an adapter if your computer doesn't have a USB-C port).

  2. Open SideQuest on your computer. You should see the following (the circle on the top left should be green):

If the circle is yellow and it prompts you to allow USB debugging, put on your headset and press "Allow" on the prompt!

3. Drag the .apk file into the green dot in the top left hand side of the screen (literally on the dot).

4. Go to apps, and change the app category to unknown sources.

5. The app should appear, ready for launch.