Navigation Tool

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring

Imagine strolling through a vast library teeming with an abundance of textual information, where it's easy to lose track of your whereabouts. Navigating through this vast expanse while ensuring a seamless reading experience can be challenging. 

To address this, one approach is to employ a tooltip-like feature, similar to a virtual phone, which aids in swiftly understanding user's current location and the category of text they are engaged with, without causing interruptions to the read flows.

(To learn how the text on the virtual phone can be changed, please refer here)

Example Result:

Step 1: Creating a UI Canvas/ Text

To start with, developers need to create an UI-Canvas and add a TextMeshPro object to it as normal.

Step 2: Attach the Canvas to XRRig

By doing so, the canvas we created automatically connected with the XRRig. By default it is in the same location with the XRRig.

Step 3: Adjust the Position

However, we still need to adjust the postion and size in order to view the virutal phone clearly.  On the left is the parameters I use, you can start from here and do the changes.