Head-Fixed Texts

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring

As introduced in this page,  head-fixed texts refers to "a text displayed in a head-up display, where the text maintains a static position and orientation relative to the user's head movements. This can include text that remains stationary in both position and orientation, text with a fixed position but dynamic orientation that adjusts to the user's head movements, or text with a dynamic position but static orientation."

This pages serves as an introduction into developing head-fixed texts.

Example Result:

This links to my implementation of Head-fixed texts. 

Step 1: Creating a UI Canvas

To start with, developers need to create an UI-Canvas for interaction with the location of the their head.

Step 2: Change the Canvas to "Screen-Space Camera" 

The default setting its to put the canvas in a fixed place in the world. However, we have the canvas to follow our head movements. 

Step 3: Add texts to your canvas

Add a TextMeshPro object to the canvas. And then write texts in your TextMeshPro! 

Look at the result!

You can see the text follows the user's head.