Brian's In-Class Assignment 2

Split up into the following groups:

Group 1: Yifei, Dave, Ashley, Liza, Mohammed, David, Camilo

Group 2: Lexi, Melvin, Austin, Yuanbo, Vincent, Jakobi

Group 1, do part 2 and then part 3. Group 2, do part 3 and then part 2.

It will also be useful to have the form open in another tab.

2. London Map (10 minutes)

Examine the image below:

In the original map by John Snow, the dark lines represented deaths per address. Based on the image, discuss with your team and choose the top three points where the epidemic most likely started. Fill this information out in the first question of the form.

3. Heat Map (10 minutes)

Go to this link: .

You should end up at the following website:

Click on the VR in the bottom right-hand corner, allow the website to open VR, and get started!


Right-hand controller joystick: move around the area

Trigger: toggle between different maps

A button: toggle between different maps

Understanding the Map

The red bars on the map indicate addresses, and the height of each red bar corresponds to the number of deaths.

Discuss with our group which of the numbered blue columns seems to be the most likely culprit for the starting point of the epidemic. Fill out your top three picks in the form.

Take at least one screenshot of the map, preferably with other users in view.

4. Conclusion (5 minutes)

Fill out the form and turn it in.