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B Lee, M Cordeil, A Prouzeau, T Dwyer - Proceedings of the 2019 ACM …, 2019 -

We present FIESTA, a prototype system for collaborative immersive analytics (CIA). In

contrast to many existing CIA prototypes, FIESTA allows users to collaboratively work

together wherever and however they wish---untethered from mandatory physical display …

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B Lee, X Hu, M Cordeil, A Prouzeau… - … on Visualization and …, 2020 -

Immersive technologies offer new opportunities to support collaborative visual data analysis

by providing each collaborator a personal, high-resolution view of a flexible shared

visualisation space through a head mounted display. However, most prior studies of …

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T Piumsomboon, Y Lee, G Lee… - SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 …, 2017 -

We present CoVAR, a novel remote collaborative system combining Augmented Reality

(AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and natural communication cues to create new types of

collaboration. AR user can capture and share their local environment with a remote user in …

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D Geszten, A Komlódi, K Hercegfi, B Hámornik… - 2018 -

… We first review previous literature about important usability issues related to collaborative

3D virtual environments, supplemented with our research in which we conducted 122

interviews after participants solved a collaborative virtual reality task …

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SW Greenwald, A Kulik, A Kunert, S Beck, B Fröhlich… - 2017 -

In this symposium we explore the immense potential for virtual reality to be applied in

educational settings. We discuss recent technological developments against a backdrop of

several decades of research. Six presentations, including four from academic authors and …

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M Hudák, Š Korečko, B Sobota - 2020 11th IEEE International …, 2020 -

… it should not be a problem to include applications for sharing and collaborating on desired … Interface

(ACFI) [30], which allows VR and MR users to collaborate within one … Enhancing team interaction

and cross-platform access in web-based collaborative virtual environments," In …

SW Greenwald, W Corning, P Maes - 2017 -

We present CocoVerse, a shared immersive virtual reality environment in which users

interact with each other and create and manipulate virtual objects using a set of hand-based

tools. Simple, intuitive interfaces make the application easy to use, and its flexible toolset …

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SW Greenwald, Z Wang, M Funk, P Maes - International Conference on …, 2017 - Springer

Room-scale virtual reality (VR) holds great potential as a medium for communication and

collaboration in remote and same-time, same-place settings. Related work has established

that movement realism can create a strong sense of social presence, even in the absence of …

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SNB Gunkel, HM Stokking, MJ Prins… - Proceedings of the 9th …, 2018 -

ABSTRACT Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree video are set to become part of the future

social environment, enriching and enhancing the way we share experiences and

collaborate remotely. While Social VR applications are getting more momentum, most …

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M Sra, X Xu, P Maes - … of the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality …, 2017 -

GalVR is a navigation interface that uses galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) during

walking to cause users to turn from their planned trajectory. We explore GalVR for

collaborative navigation in a two-player virtual reality (VR) game. The interface affords a …

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D Clergeaud, JS Roo, M Hachet, P Guitton - … on Virtual Reality Software …, 2017 -

Virtual Reality allows rapid prototyping and simulation of physical artefacts, which would be

difficult and expensive to perform otherwise. On the other hand, when the design process is

complex and involves multiple stakeholders, decisions are taken in meetings hosted in the …

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