Public Demo - Austin Phan

Public Demo Instructions - LiDAR Exploration

I have two projects that you should be able to try out today! They both explore some form of LiDAR Data, which you can view and experience.

Project 1 - Heightmap Canopy Data

Here, you'll load into a world filled with 5 datasets, each representing a canopy scan of the area at a given year. When you load in the world, you can view each heightmap by grabbing with the trigger and your hand.

Open the app drawer, press the filter item in the top right, and select unknown sources. The name of the application you want to load should be called BlenderRender. Go ahead and launch it now. If it asks you for file access, select "Allow".

You should be loaded in a world with 6 different 3D-converted LiDAR scans, and 6 corresponding 2D texturemaps on the wall. You should be able to move around by teleport, and grab the 3D models. When released, the models will remain in place. 2D models are not manipulatable.


You can now explore the world and its datasets. Enjoy!

Project 2 - Autonomous Vehicle Point Cloud Data

Here, you'll load into a world with a point cloud dataset being displayed. There will be a table in front of you, with a few objects that you can pick up.

Press virtual desktop to connect to my local machine, and then launch the application.


You can teleport around the world, and view the LiDAR data! Find a few cars and vehicles throughout the world. Enjoy :D