Evaluation of a Multi-User VR System for Collaborative Layout Planning Process

Spring 2023, Dave Song 


The paper focuses on the usage of VR factory layout planning processes. Objectives of the paper included: evaluating the collaborative capabilities of the system and exploring the limits of the VR system used.

Specifically, factory layout planning requires collaboration among multiple stakeholders and frequent communication among them in order to achieve a finely crafted layout plan. Using the proposed VR system targeting the VR Factory Layout Planning process, the paper examines and evaluates the equality of planning and collaboration.

<Key Research Question>

“What are the affordances and limitations of a multi-user virtual reality system for supporting layout experts, project managers, and project members with expertise in logistics, human factors, and maintenance in their collaborative task of planning and evaluating factory layouts of vehicle manufacturers as measured through usability inspection and collaborative joint attention?”

“it is important to do an extensive user evaluation, in order to make sure the innovation and development contribute to more effective and pleasant collaboration”

<Experiment, Study Design>

For the evaluation, the paper defines a few key elements in its collaborative system

User Evaluation



Evaluation Questionnaire Used in the study 

Key Takeaways(for collaborative VR system evaluation):