Camilo Class Activity


Humans are explorers by nature. We went from living in small locations in  Africa to live  across planet earth. There is human presence in every corner of this planet and in the future we might be able to colonize the solar system. 

However, humas were not designed to live in outer space for long periods of time, and we don't know the effects of exposing our bodies to different levels of gravity. We will have to adjust our nature to accomplish such a daunting challenge.

But what if in the future you wouldn't need to leave your room to visit Mars or Venus in real time. We can create a hyper realistic simulation of a  planet that runs on VR at high frame rate an photorealistic rendering techniques. Would you prefer this way to travel across the stars or would you prefer to take the next rocket to Mars and experiencing  it by yourself? 

VR Exploration of mars ( 6-7 mins)

Read the instructions first to avoid any confusion

Download and install APK file (2 mins )

Using VR-Terrains application ( 5 - 10 mins)


Left controller:

Right Controller:

Try the simulated earth

Now visit other Planets

Discussion(2-4 mins)

Exit Ticket ( 1 - 2 mins)