In this course, you will maintain a journal that chronicles your progress throughout the course. Your journal should include the hours you've worked, descriptions of progress / setbacks, and any other information you'd like to share! 

Note that your journal will be worth a significant portion of your grade, so make sure to keep it updated.

Insert a link to your journal on this page (we included 2 examples from previous years). Include contact information and relevant background. Additionally, here are the journals from last year's class. To set up your own journal, follow these instructions.

Journal Template,, description of your interests and experience. 

David Laidlaw,, built Yurt, knows some VR software really well, CS224 and prereqs, math, sw engineering, particularly interested in creating visualization tools that can be used to advance scientific knowledge in other disciplines.

Jakobi Haskell,, experience with building multiplayer data-viz applications in A-frame (a webVR platform), broadly interested in collaborative VR infrastructure.  

Liza Kolev,, experience with Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and mainly Python; interested in how VR could be used in MedTech, sports, and potentially Operations Research

Yuanbo Li,, experience with Computer Graphics and Graphics research; interested in how to recreate artworks in VR

Austin Phan,, experience with general software engineering topics and front-end design.

Melvin He,, experience with Computer Vision, general software engineering topics, applications of AR in healthcare and gamified learning platforms

Brian Kim,, experience with Computer Vision and AI in general, software engineer, front-end and back-end development 

Mohammed Akel,, experience with digital and technical health solutions 

Yifei Wang,, experience with AI/ML, full-stack, and game development; interested in the general applications in all fields of VR/AR, especially related to physical environment simulation.

Lexi Henrion,, experience with Java, Python, Typescript, React (full stack); particularly interested in beautifying and elaborating on the ordinary

Dave Song , , experience with Java, Python, and topics of UX research; interested in general applications of XR and collaborative data visualization in VR. 

Amanda Hernandez,, experience with Java, Python, and Computer Vision applications. I am interested in the intersection between neuroscience and VR. 

Ashley Kwon,, experience with Python, C#, and Unity, especially in building AR/VR applications; interested in AR/VR UI research and computer vision.

Vincent Zhu,, experience with data visualization, graphics, UI/UX design; research experience in Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning and AI in general; art experience in photography and darkroom process; interested in how visualization technologies and art can help improve learning experience/interactions.

Sandy Martinez,, experience with Java, Python, Typescript, Figma; new to virtual reality but am interested in TinkerCAD-like applications and geological data. 

Camilo Diaz experience on VR technologies, HDMS, CAVE systems. Experience on Unity, C#/C++/OpenGL , python, matlab and Javascript. I love space and astronomy. I;d like to apply VR on creating software to facilitate the study of outer space.