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In this course, you will maintain a journal that chronicles your progress throughout the course. Your journal should include the hours you've worked, descriptions of progress / setbacks, and any other information you'd like to share!

Note that your journal will be worth a significant portion of your grade, so make sure to keep it updated.

Insert a link to your journal on this page (we included 2 examples from previous years). Include contact information and relevant background. Additionally, here are the journals from last year's class. To set up your own journal, follow these instructions.

David Laidlaw,, built Yurt, knows some VR software really well, CS224 and prereqs, math, sw engineering, particularly interested in creating visualization tools that can be used to advance scientific knowledge in other disciplines.

Ross Briden,, experience with OpenGL, Unity, and Gear VR; interested in the applications of VR/AR to Biology.

Journal Template,, description of your interests and experience.

Jakobi Haskell,, experience with web dev (React, JS, HTML, CSS). Interested in webXL, three.js, NFTs, and their applications to immersive digital art.

Amanda Levy,, experience with product management as well as software engineering in Python and Java; doing research about VR applications in mental health therapy; interested in the use of VR for sports.

Lucia Tian,, interested in using VR for experimental design and architecture; experience with 3D modeling and knowledge of visual perception and action control

Tongyu Zhou,, experience with web frameworks, cv, 3d modeling, and user studies; particularly interested in creating VR applications for art with different gestures and input modalities (i.e. pen & tablet, freehand, etc.)

Beatrice Hoang,, experience with Unity and CAD modeling; interested in VR applications to 2D film production and VR as a film medium.

Maia Mongado,, experience with OpenGL and graphics in C++, computer vision in Python; interested in recreational applications of VR in media and user experience with immersive art, games, therapy, etc.

Paul Molnar,, experience with Unity, OpenGL, graphics, and computer vision. Interested in VR applications for multiplayer games and animation.

Aakansha Mathur, experience with Machine Learning, Web Development. Interested in VR applications for Biology, interior design

Shashidhar Pai,, experience in Data Science, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Interested in exploring data visualization softwares in VR

Nicholas Bottone,, experience in full stack web apps, Java apps, and a bit of dabbling in Unity. Interested in further exploring Unity, especially with VR applications.

Robert Koch,, experience with Java & Python, along with some experience in Unity/C#. Interested in learning more about the applications of VR beyond games and images.

Alastair Beeson,, experience with Data Science, UI/UX design and research. Interested in VR's applications in Art and Gaming as well as how the recent metaverse obsession will impact the future of VR.

Mandy He,, experience with Java, Python, some applications of C++ in Computer Graphic, and UI. Interested in further exploring VR development software.

Jennifer Wang,, experience with software development and reinforcement learning using Java and Python. Interested in the accessibility of VR software and the applications of VR in human-robot collaboration

Sayan Chakraborty,, experience with Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Interested in exploring collaborative VR visualizing platforms.

Ivan Pineda-Dominguez,, experience with with web development in React and JS; interested in the use of VR for experiencing generative art in a virtual medium along with how the web can be used to make VR technology more accessible to people.

Parker Simon,, experience with computer systems in C and software engineering in Java; interested in the application of VR for understanding datasets related to climate change

Robbie Li,, experience with UX Research and data visualization. Interested in learning about the current landscape of VR tools and identifying gaps in usability & desirability.

Yuming Fu,, experience with Machine Learning, Operating systems, Distributed Computer systems, Programming, Infrastructure Engineering, Big data, Computational biology, and Natural Language Processing.

Eliza Sun,, motivated by an interest in building crazily accessible XR user interfaces applied to Human-robot interaction (HRI).

Cheyenne Chau,, experience with app dev with Swift, programming, comp bio, a bit of Unity; interested in VR applications for web bridging+world creation and art and environmental initiatives.