Unity polybrush

Mesh Sculpting In Unity

By Alejandro Romero


Polybrush is a Unity extension that allows for sculpting, painting, blending, and scattering objects in the Unity editor.

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Core Features

  • Sculpt meshes in editor

  • Blend colors and textures

  • Paint vertex colors

  • Scatter objects in game world with brushes

Other Helpful Extensions

Installation and Getting Started

  1. Open Unity. If you do not have Unity installed, see the Unity3D wiki page

  2. Go to Window > Package Manager and make sure All-packages is selected in the dropdown in the top left of the Package Manager window

  3. Simply look up Polybrush and hit install on the bottom right

  4. In the Editor, go to Tools > ProGrids > Polybrush Window

  5. This will open the Polybrush window! Its functionality is outlined in the main Features section above