Screen Capture/Recording in Quest 2

By George Lee, updates by Jakobi Haskell


This tutorial will take you through screen capturing on the Oculus Quest 2 and transfering the files to your computer


Oculus Link

If you are connecting to your own Windows PC, then you are likely using Oculus Link, which has a different way of taking screenshots. 

Button Shortcut

The easiest way to take a screenshot/recording on your Quest is using the built-in button combination. 


(Adopted from these links:, )


You can also take screenshots by opening the menu, which takes a bit more time. 

2.   When you click on either Record Video or Take Photo you will see a red dot on the top right corner 

3. You can now wait until your library syncs and then access your media from the Meta Quest Mobile or Desktop App. 

4. If syncing is taking too long, open the camera app, click the three dots menu next to the media you want to sync, and click Sync Now

Cable Transfer

5.   Alternatively from point 3, once you have your videos you can plug in your Meta Quest to your computer via USB and make sure you Allow data transfer in your Quest

6. You should now be able to drag and drop files to your computer

Record video on Windows O.S  using oculus quest 2

If you are using quest 2 on Windows O.S, pressing the oculus button might take you out of the application and wonn't let you take screenshots ot record video. An easy workaround is installing OBS studio and its plugin OB-Studio-VR.