Unity probuilder

3D Modeling in the Unity Editor

By Alejandro Romero


ProBuilder is a Unity extension that allows users to natively edit 3D models in the Unity editor, instead of importing a model from another program. This extension works seamlessly with the ProGrids and Polybrush Unity extensions, which allow for object snapping along a grid and surface sculpting, respectively. 

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Core Features


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Installation and Getting Started

Getting Started 

Video Tutorials

Basic ProBuilder Tutorial - 1678947252698.mp4

This video will walk you through the installing ProBuilder and adding it to your project. From there, it will take you through how to interact with the premade PolyShapes ProBuilder has as well as how to create and merge your custom PolyShapes. 

In addition, the video briefly goes over how to change the materials of your Game Objects (applies to any Mesh Game Object in Unity!).

One warning of ProBuidler's Merge Objects function that is stated in the video: the extrusion of your new merged PolyShape is based off only the extrusion of one of the shapes. If you want to change extrusions of parts of the merged object, you'll need to return to the previous state of having separate objects, change the extrusions, and merge again.

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