Unity probuilder

3D Modeling in the Unity Editor

By Alejandro Romero


ProBuilder is a Unity extension that allows users to natively edit 3D models in the Unity editor, instead of importing a model from another program. This extension works seamlessly with the ProGrids and Polybrush Unity extensions, which allow for object snapping along a grid and surface sculpting, respectively.

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Core Features

  • Supports selection of:

    • Edges

    • Objects

    • Vertices

    • Faces

  • Features:

    • Generate primitives

    • Create a poly shape (define vertices and extrusion and construct your own mesh)

    • Smoothing

    • Material Editor

    • UV Editor

    • Vertex Color editing

    • Orientation editing (local vs global)

    • Conform/flip normals

    • Export mesh

    • Triangulate mesh

    • Center mesh pivot

    • Lightmap UV editor

    • Mirror Objects

    • Merge Objects

    • Freeze transform

    • Set object collider or trigger


Accessibility: How user-friendly is the software?

  • ProBuilder is now built into Unity, so access once in Unity is very simple

  • Flexible options allow for workflow customization

Power: The engine's power - i.e. how much one can do with this

  • Surprisingly deep editing capabilities directly in game engine

  • Does not support sculpting, painting, or snapping into positions (solved with additional extensions, namely ProGrids and Polybrush)

Usage: Evaluation of software's effectiveness in certain use cases

  • Save time by editing basic geometry directly in Unity rather than other software

Installation and Getting Started

Getting Started

  1. Open Unity. If you do not have Unity installed, see the Unity3D wiki page

  2. Go to Window > Package Manager and make sure All-packages is selected in the dropdown in the top left of the Package Manager window

  3. Simply look up ProBuilder and hit install on the bottom right

  4. In the Editor, go to Tools > ProBuilder > ProBuilder Window

  5. This will open the ProBuilder window! Its functionality is outlined in the main Features section above

  6. You can right click on this window to change between icon and text views

  7. That's it! Have fun!