Native Rendering Plugins


Native Rendering Plugins are a way to utilize a preferred graphics pipeline in Unity with (almost) complete control.

Here is the official Unity documentation regarding the low-level interface.

Here is the official Unity Native Rendering Plugin example for all operating systems and the major graphics APIs.

Use in the Yurt

The Native Rendering Plugin interface has allowed Unity to be ported to the Yurt.

Here is a basic repository to showcase this method:

In essence, this project creates a second window that is stereo-capable and renders Unity camera textures.


When building the plugin for the Yurt, use the provided Makefile but compile with an older version of gcc for compatibility (gcc-4.4 will work).

If, when running in the Yurt, the console outputs: "Could not load plugin: [Plugin Name]", this either means the plugin .so file is not in the proper directory or that the build has unavailable dependencies. To check dependencies, run readelf on the plugin and ensure they match the available versions on CCV machines.

Loudon Cohen