Dave's In-Class Activity 1 Handout

Created by Dave Song Spring 2023 

Community Network Visualization In-class Activity Handout

Original HackMD Handout: HackMD Handout

In-Class Exercise: 30 minutes

Downloads (if you have not already)

Project: Visualizing Community Network in VR


Community detection algorithms are used to evaluate how groups of nodes are clustered or partitioned, as well as their tendency to strenthen or break apart.

Examples of Community Detection algorithms

(Optional) if you are interested in Community Detection, feel free to read this article.

Today, we are going to create some community networks in 2D using Gephi and in VR using force directed graphs.

Gephi(7 minutes)

Once you have Gephi and datasets downloaded,

The size of each node indicated connectedness to other nodes while each comminity has been color coded.
Compare the graph with this character map.


Generating Graphs with Gephi (7 Minutes)

[STEP1] : if you want to skip this step, feel free to move on to Step 2!

Once Nodes1.csv has been imported, click on Edges tab and repeat the same process. This time, we are importing Edges1.csv file.

For time being, we will skip other steps and download InClassActivity.gephi file from here.

Community Force Directed Graph generated in Unity

What is Force Directed Graph?

Three main physical forces:

In the model, nodes are treated like-charged particles that produce a repulsive force that moves them apart.

For this class, I am developing a Unity VR app for Force Directed Graph visualization in VR.


Step1: SideQuest
If you have completed Lexi’s activity, you should have SideQuest set up ready to download the APK file from the Drive.

If you need to set up SideQuest, follow this tutorial.

Step2: Uploading the file
With your headset connected to your computer, load the .apk file through Sidequest by clicking “install apk file” option.

Step 3: Opening the App

With your headset on, go to Apps and navigate to “Unknown Sources”.You should be able to select the apk file!

Run the project and explore!


I am still finishing up the project. Therefore, the graph is static for now.

Evaluation Comme

Please fill in this exit ticket!