Unity Reading Exploration

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring

Exploring the realm of creating an exceptional reading experience in VR is an intriguing subject. As we delve into analyzing research findings related to reading in VR, we aim to offer informative tutorials that can assist in implementing VR techniques specifically tailored to enhance reading capabilities. 

You can download the .apk file here and test the playground.

Or you can git clone the Github Repo and continue work on it. 

A List of tutorials (and links) we provide includes:

Head-Fixed Texts : how to make the text always in the same distance as the viewer

ScrollBar : how to read large texts in a small window

Text Hiding : how to hide texts (or objects) when they are not needed

Changing Fonts : how to use fonts other than default by Unity (how to type other languages)

Navigation Tool : how to navigate in large amount of information, while not disrupting reading experience 

Text Comparisons : how to create multiple tabs for reading in Unity

Changing Texts : how to change the texts based on user input