Underwater 3D Cave Exploration Project

Paul Molnar, May 2022

Project Set Up

  • Start up PaperSpace and click the button below while inside of your PaperSpace machine.

  • This will bring you to a Google Drive folder where you should click "Download All" in the upper right corner (if you aren't signed into Google Drive) or right click the folder path and select "download" (if your are signed in)

  • Once downloaded, extract the folder to the Desktop on your PaperSpace machine

  • Connect your headset to the machine through virtual desktop and start Steam VR

  • Run the program titled "Steam Marching Cubes.exe" once your Steam VR has loaded in

    1. If it gives you a warning about not knowing the safety of the program click "more info" and then "run anyway" to force the machine to run the program

  • You should now be placed inside of a Scene depicting an underwater cave. If you turn around you will see a light and 5 cubes of different colors

Controls and Movement

  • You should be able to look around freely by moving your head. If it seems to lag try sitting still for a second to let everything load in first. The problem is the internet connectivity not the program.

  • The left joystick can be used to move around. The "forward" direction is whichever way you are looking at the time of moving the joystick. If you are looking up you will move towards the ceiling if you have your joystick in the forward position.

  • To do a snap turn to the left or right you can flick your right joystick in either of those two directions. This will turn you 30 degrees to the left or the right depending on the joystick position.

  • ***NOTE***: If you are prone to motion sickness I do not recommend moving up and down too much as you are already floating and the increased head movement can lead to more motion sickness.

  • Currently these are the only movement systems implemented. If interest is expressed for teleportation, or walking on the floor of the cave it can be added later.

The Task

  • Once everyone is loaded into the application turn around to face the cubes

  • Each player should then go touch one of the cubes with their head to assume that cube's color

  • Try and choose different colors from the other players so that there is at least one of each color

  • By doing this each player is given 2 out of 10 breadcrumbs that they get to follow. This means that with the combined 5 colors a team should be able to follow all 10 breadcrumbs.

  • The player in each team that is the color red will see the first two breadcrumbs (red spheres) in the direction that the players spawned in.

  • After the red player follows these breadcrumbs the blue player should be able to see their two breadcrumbs and follow them. Repeat this process for each of the 5 colors to slowly move through the cave until you reach the light and treasure chest.