Course Logistics

Course website for CSCI-1951S, Virtual Reality Software Review. This site will contain course info, process info, and the resulting summary of software knowledge collected over the semester.

Second half deliverables

I (@David) found the following regarding accessing this site, :

The course URL is

Course Slack:

Journals of activities by students during the semester.

course syllabus

course activities

sources to look at, update, and organize for more insight

manuscript page also contains:

  • list of software

    • pages on each software title

      • evaluative info about each

      • list of sources/links

  • taxonomy of software types

  • taxonomy of software metrics

list of sites/organizations doing VR

  • pages on each site/organization documenting what they use and how

    • examples of successful projects (eg archave at Brown)

    • examples of software pipelines past and current (eg minVR, VRG3D at Brown)

    • list of sources/links

taxonomy of user types

VR At Brown

journals of work for each participant and notes from readings, interviews, software work, etc.