2019 Research Findings

VR Audio Testing: Maze Experiment

I. Audience/ Samples

  • Brown RISD Game Development Club

  • 6 users tested with both audio cues and without

II. Experiment

    • Fixed maze environment in Unity using a Vive Pro HMD.

    • Tested and timed user solving the maze both with and without audio cues leading to the exit

    • On average, users with audio cues solved the maze in 1:31 and without audio it took 2:22. However, the more important statistic might be that 3 of the users gave up on solving the maze without audio cues

fMRI Data Visualization with Paraview

    • Used fMRI data to cluster nueron flares associated with memory access activity

    • Visualized the flaring clusters using Paraview

    • For others to be able to do the same

    • Described fMRI, why its used, and issues associated with its use

    • Click here to learn more!

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Loudon Cohen